Viking 4×4 Club

Originally, ‘The Leicester Land Rover Club’ was formed in 1976, holding regular trials and green lane runs for its members. Then in 1998 this was expanded to include all marques of 4×4 vehicles, not just Land Rovers, which resulted in the Viking 4×4 Club being created.

Registered with Motorsport UK (MSUK) since 1989, the Viking 4×4 Club is still based in Leicester and since 2007 has run the six round challenge championship. It is the only championship series for 4×4 challenge trucks currently running, drawing competitors from as far afield as Yorkshire, Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Suffolk, Kent and occasionally Ireland. Viking 4×4 Club members dominate at all the major UK challenge competitions and are now starting to win at European events.


We pride ourselves on being helpful and friendly, our competitors are like one big friendly family – while maintaining a fierce rivalry during competitions!

Viking Logo 2

Top Fact:

Never finished lower than third with a healthy car.



To continue to organise and run 4×4 competitions to a high standard, keep the club operating at grass roots level and encourage newcomers into the sport.


Why ODYSSEY Battery?

We originally approached ODYSSEY for their support as their batteries had a proven track record at the highest level of winch challenge competitions and were therefore a product that we would be proud to promote. Winch challenging involves continuous winching for the duration of the event. For us, this means 6 hours of power draw via up to four 6-horsepower electric motors. This puts a huge demand on the batteries and ODYSSEY batteries have proven their power and reliability time and time again. They seem to keep delivering right up to the end of the event and don’t seem to fade as other brands do.

Steve King, Viking 4×4 Challenge.