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The ODYSSEY® Battery range is what modern transport and service
vehicles have been waiting for


Already used extensively in military vehicles, performance cars and trusted by top racing teams, these superior batteries harness the power of specialist TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) battery technology to deliver massive starting and endurance ability.

Optimised for the high load demands of the modern automotive vehicle sector, the TPPL ODYSSEY Battery has been tried and tested in the US heavy duty vehicle market for more than five years, delivering significant performance improvements and longer battery life for vehicle owners and fleet operators.

Now, this outstanding battery technology is available in standard footprints for European heavy-duty vehicles.



TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) Technology is the result of over 125 years’ of EnerSys battery experience and development, optimised in ODYSSEY® batteries and now available for use in modern transport vehicles.

Advanced TPPL plates (nearly three times thinner than conventional batteries), significantly increase energy storing capacity within the same space.  This allows more charge to be held with higher energy output, greater and quicker charge acceptance (with no limits on charging current), resulting in a battery that is both reliable and responsive, whatever the demands.




ODYSSEY® batteries will provide significant starting power at lower states of charge, proven to support loads for longer between engine starts and capable of starting an engine, even after unplanned demands on the battery.

99.99% pure lead plates are more reliable than conventional batteries too, allowing more discharge cycles to much lower levels – making them ideally suited to the demands of modern vehicles that require frequent starting power and extra electrical load capacity.



As you would expect from this premium performance battery, quality materials are used throughout – from specially formulated tough plastic casings to glass microfibre separators and some of the most chemically advanced electrolyte available.  This results in a battery that has an exceptional shelf-life, is maintenance-free, can be mounted in almost any orientation and can be shipped as a non-hazardous product.

In short, ODYSSEY® batteries are what modern transport vehicles have been waiting for.  Providing over 30% more deep-cycle capability and proven to be over 100% stronger for longer than their nearest rivals, these batteries will outstay and outperform any comparable challenger, while delivering outstanding TCO returns – keeping you on the road and saving you money.



Why continue with traditional battery types that are increasingly letting you down, when you can change the way that you power your fleet? If the battery fails, you’re not just paying for the replacement cost of the battery, you’re paying for the consequences of your vehicle being off the road. Protect yourself, your fleet, and your reputation with the new ODYSSEY Performance Series Batteries.

The total cost of ownership calculation is based on five years of expected vehicle ownership.

Indicative Cost Saving

How is the saving calculated?

This Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator has been designed to provide an illustration only of the possible TCO savings when switching to ODYSSEY® Performance Series batteries. Battery usage is highly dependent upon individual application and usage conditions. This calculator has been designed to provide a cost illustration only, to give a guide to possible savings over different time periods. The apportionment of vehicle breakdown costs, relating to battery over discharge and the inability to start the vehicle, has been based on a fleet of 50 vehicles using 2 x batteries (24V), with a life cycle of 3 years per battery and an average breakdown/intervention rate of 20% - compared to a 5-year minimum life cycle and 2% average vehicle breakdown rate for the ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries, when used and operated in accordance with manufactures instructions for standard vehicle usage in typical western European countries. Comparison of existing conventional battery operation and service compared with ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries TPPL technology has been based on field trials, customer feedback and market analysis. For a detailed analysis and quote for your vehicles, please contact us.


629-DIN B-1300
625-DIN C-1500


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