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Power Out? Power On! Advanced battery reliability for Gensets

Genset & Industrial Applications


  • Are your batteries designed for long service life under continuous float charge?
  • Do your batteries have excellent cranking capability even under extreme, particularly sub-zero temperatures?

You can rely on ODYSSEY® Battery to give you all the right answers. With tried and tested Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) you can be assured of the most advanced technology to safeguard your system.


What to look for when choosing genset batteries

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High power density


This will enable them to supply the power needed to crank large diesel engines when necessary (including in very cold weather) while taking up the least amount of space.

While the ODYSSEY® Extreme Series™ battery has the physical size of a standard BCI Group 31 size battery, its cranking capability far exceeds that of any standard absorbed glass mat (AGM) lead acid batteries in the market today. The battery will support a 400A load for over a minute before its terminal voltage drops to 7.2V at -40ºC; at 500A the terminal voltage does not drop to 7.2V for 34 seconds.

Long service life


They must be able to last for years under continuous trickle charge and be ready to fire up the genset whenever necessary.

Genset starting batteries typically stay on continuous float or trickle chargefor months or even years, and must be available to deliver the same cranking capability over their life. The data shows that TPPL batteries will last 8-10 years even when periodically subjected to high rate discharges. That is true staying power for generator starting batteries, and no periodic topping up with distilled water is required.

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Quick recharge capability


This is especially important in installations where frequent power outages are common.

In some installations where frequent power outages are common the ability of the genset battery to quickly reach a very high state of charge becomes a critical consideration in the selection of the starter battery. EnerSys® TPPL batteries are superior to standard AGM or flooded lead acid batteries: a fully discharged 126 amp-hour ODYSSEY Extreme Series battery will get to almost a 90% SOC in just 2 hours when charged by an alternator that generates 14.4V and is current limited to only 50A. A higher charge current will allow the battery to charge even faster.

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