Redshaw Racing

Redshaw Racing is made up of proud father Chris, who races in a Fiat Topolino, and his children Harry, Damion and Candra. The junior dragster team compete in meetings across Europe and attend as many car shows and hot rod shows as they can, sharing their love of the sport. Even at their tender ages, they are no strangers to winning trophies and breaking records, and did not get stage fright when they competed in the Nitro Olympics in Hockenheim, Germany, in front of 80,000 people.

The team is always supported by Lilly Redshaw, who is at all the events and shows with her little Land Rover towing the junior dragsters to the track and putting on displays.


Top Fact:

Biggest junior brother and sister drag racing team in Europe.


To grow and learn, and win more!

Side by side

Why ODYSSEY Battery?

We could not have done our years racing without Odyssey battery. So much so, we changed our team name from Redshaw Racing to Odyssey Batteries Drag Racing Team half way through the season. Straight away everything changed; we started having more success and started to win more race meetings. As a result, we became mini celebrities in France, being featured in Nitro Magazine and French newspapers, news reports and racing programmes.