Gigglepin Racing

Jim started Gigglepin 4×4 in 1997 as a fresh faced 23 year old and soon discovered his passion for Offroad Racing. Winning his first international event in 2000, he has worked through the ranks to become Europe’s most successful Extreme Offroad Racer with over 40 titles and 80 plus podiums to his name. In 2019 Jim made off-road history becoming the first person to win the Croatia Trophy a record three times, plus winning the prestigious Ultra 4 European Championship 2019 and a host of other awards and accolades.


The Gigglepin Team is a wonderful group of people that Jim has met over time. They travel from around the world to race with Gigglepin and are all experts in their field. Co-drivers Helder da Rocha from Portugal, James Ayre and Alex Wilson from the UK and Wayne Smith from Australia bring their own skills. Then there are Mechanics from Malta, Italy and the UK. It really is an international team bonded by a love of off-road racing and they are equally as happy in the rain of Wales, or in the scorching heat of Portugal.

Top Fact

The first UK based team to win the Ultra4 Europe Championship


Gigglepin xtra 1
Gigglepin 1


The desire to win still burns deeply and the team are always searching for the next big adventure. Think big and think international.


Why ODYSSEY Battery

Jim’s success and professionalism has led him to be supported by the best names in the off-road industry, which includes Odyssey. This long standing relationship since 2002 ensures that Gigglepin can use the very best for their pride and joy ‘Little Lady’ and stay at the very top.

We could not have won the race last weekend without our wonderful batteries. During heat 2 our alternator failed and it was only the deep discharge capabilities of our batteries that allowed us to complete a further 56 kilometres and get to the end of the session! Quite a remarkable feat and only possible with ODYSSEY Battery.”

Jim Marsden, Gigglepin