Challenge South West

Challenge South West, though a relatively small club, has a big heart and strong sense of family. It was the first UK club set up solely to run, and encourage new people into, 4×4 winch challenge events, writing most of the original rules and regulations specific to the sport.

Over the years they have been invited to do demonstrations, talks and full competitions in the main arenas of most of the big 4×4 shows in the UK. Close working relationships with both insurers and the governing body, combined with excellent Health & Safety systems, has enabled Challenge South West to push the boundaries of what they do at these shows.


Top Fact:

Established The De-Cider Trophy, the longest running national level event, which whilst being a tough event has also gained the reputation of being a big social occasion, drawing interest from across the UK and parts of Europe.



To continue to grow, whilst maintaining high standards of Health & Safety and a fantastic reputation.


Why ODYSSEY Battery?

The way 4×4 winch challenge competitions have evolved really pushes both vehicles and winches to the limit. So, we need a battery which can cope with the harsh terrain thrown at the vehicle, and batteries that sit within it, as well as the extreme demands of the electrical system of modern competition vehicles with massive demands from winches, lighting, starting and fast charging applications. That battery is obviously ODYSSEY Battery.

Chris Pedlar, President, Challenge South West.