ODYSSEY Performance Battery

ODP-AGMDINB (629-DIN B-1300)

Whether it’s a heavy duty commercial truck, an earth mover, a bus or a marine application, you depend on the vehicle’s electronics to provide valuable data, direction and even safety features. Therefore, you need a battery that can power those features without worry of failure. ODYSSEY Performance ODP-AGMDINB batteries meet the ever-increasing power demands of today’s heavy vehicle applications.


Length 518 mm
Width 223 mm
Height (to top of terminals) 218 mm
Height (container) 210 mm
Weight 53.2 kg


Voltage 12 V
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA, SAE J537) 1300A
Capacity (20-hour rate) 170Ah
Capacity (10-hour rate) 153Ah
Reserve capacity 370 mins
HCA 1747A
PHCA - 5-second pulse current 2400
MCA 1549A
Torque Spec Nm max 60 (6.8)
Terminal SAE